Appreciate the exaggerated figures of NBA players

Let's examine O'Neal's 4-meter-long off-road motorcycle. It has widened seats and higher horsepower, perfect for his needs. The photos show the customized motorcycle fits O'Neal well. 

Leonard has an impressive physique, especially his large hands. He posed with James, Durant, and others, with his hand "hiding" a basketball, showing the size of his palms. NBA players like center Boban have even larger hands. 

Simmons posted a video of Boban with an iPad, fitting perfectly in his hand. NBA players' frames have a visual impact, making athletes from other fields seem "slimmer." 

Ronaldo appeared less imposing next to Adams and Kanter. Despite injuries, fans believe Durant will return to his best. His shooting ability solves battles. 

Manute Bol is known for his height and long wingspan, averaging 5 blocks per game in a season. 

Jazz center Mark Eaton likely has the most impressive physique in NBA history, overshadowing even Karl Malone on the court.