Top 5 superstars who look fierce but are timid in their actions

Draymond Green, known for his defensive abilities and trash-talking, got into an argument with Tristan Thompson during the NBA finals. Thompson threw a punch at Green despite his apology.

Kevin Garnett, a top NBA trash-talker like Michael Jordan and Larry Bird, offended Carmelo Anthony's wife during a game against the Knicks. Garnett hid in the team bus when Anthony confronted him. 

Shaquille O'Neal insulted Charles Barkley during their matchups, leading to Barkley tackling him and Shaq admitting defeat. 

Ron Artest hesitated when faced with Yao Ming's dominance but retaliated against a fan who threw a water bottle at him. 

Dwight Howard lacked trash-talking skills compared to Garnett and remained silent in their confrontation.