5 weird reasons for retiring in the NBA

1. Bird's Retirement: Larry Bird, one of the greatest stars in Celtics history, retired after the 91-92 season due to concerns about declining statistics. He wanted to leave fans with the best memories.

2. O'Neal's Retirement: Shaquille O'Neal retired because he couldn't reach 30,000 points. At 39 years old, he knew he wasn't the dominant force in the paint anymore and decided to retire.

3. Sanders' Search for Meaning: Larry Sanders, known for his shot-blocking ability, had constant issues during his time with the Bucks. He expressed his desire to find the true meaning of life and pursue his passions for art, poetry, and music.

4. Sprewell's Financial Limit: Latrell Sprewell rejected a $21 million contract because he believed he couldn't support his family with less than $10 million. Unable to find another team, he ended up retiring.

5. Cowens' Friendship: Dave Cowens, compared to Bill Russell, retired after the 75-76 season when the Celtics traded his close friend. Although he returned to the court, his performance declined, and the Celtics began to struggle.