How Jordan’s father was shot and killed was revealed

The Tragic Story of Michael Jordan's Father's Murder In episode 7 of 'The Last Dance,' LeBron James was deeply moved and saddened by the tragic story of Michael Jordan's father's murder. This episode delved into the robbery and murder that devastated Jordan and led to his first retirement.

In July 1993, Jordan's mother informed him that she had lost contact with his father, causing great concern. Three weeks later, his father's car was found looted in a small forest. His body was discovered in a creek, and it was revealed that he had been shot. Two 18-year-old men were arrested and charged with robbery and murder.  

The Death that Shattered Jordan's World Michael Jordan's father held a significant place in his heart, and his tragic death deeply affected him. Overwhelmed with grief, Jordan returned home and couldn't even tie his own tie during the funeral. 

The unexpected loss dealt a heavy blow to his basketball career, leading to his retirement. Jordan chose to pursue a career in baseball, fulfilling his father's dream.