How similar do the Jordans look like?

In a recent family photo, Jordan's family members look strikingly similar. Except for Jordan, who stands at 2.98 meters tall, the rest of his family members are not particularly tall. Jordan's brother, in particular, appears significantly shorter, measuring only around 1.7 meters. Although he loved basketball, he ultimately gave up on pursuing it. 

Looking at their faces, the family resemblance is astounding. Despite their parents not being very tall, Jordan stands tall among them. Internet users commented that these six individuals could easily be mistaken for clones. The genes in this family are potent. 

Jordan has experienced two marriages. His current wife is much younger than him, and he even underwent surgery for her. While he has children, none of them have been able to achieve the same greatness as Jordan did in his prime. However, Jordan has been incredibly successful in business.