How difficult is it to make 10 three-pointers in a game? Only he 23 times

1.  Making 10 three-pointers in a game is a remarkable accomplishment, as it requires a high shooting percentage and numerous attempts.

2. Kobe Bryant's shooting skills Kobe Bryant, known for his exceptional shooting, made 10 threes in a single game only once in his 20-year career, showcasing the difficulty of the feat.

3. James Harden's attempts James Harden, a prolific scorer with the Houston Rockets, attempted 20 threes in a game but achieved 10 made threes only three times, emphasizing the challenge.

4. Stephen Curry's exceptional shooting Stephen Curry, renowned for his three-point shooting ability, has made 10 threes in a game on 23 occasions, setting a record that is likely to increase before retirement. 

Scoring 30 points solely from three-point shots is a remarkable and difficult achievement, exemplified by the rarity of players making 10 threes in a single game.