The top 10 most widely circulated rumors in the NBA

1. Garnett's Height and Athleticism: Garnett denies rumors of touching the rim, but his height and wingspan are lower than Rudy Gobert's, who has a max vertical jump of 2.97 meters.

2. Jordan's Body Fat: Persistent rumors claim Jordan's body fat is only 3%, but no evidence supports this.

3. Carter vs. Yao Ming: Vince Carter's dunk on Yao Ming didn't force Yao's retirement; Yao continued playing until 2011.

4. Kobe's Training Routine: Although Kobe occasionally wakes up at 4 am for training, it is not sustainable for daily practice due to the importance of adequate sleep.

5. A Boycott Rumor: Rumors of Tracy McGrady and his teammates boycotting Yao Ming are unlikely given Yao's economic benefits to the team.

6. Kobe and Yao: Kobe's collision with Yao Ming did not directly cause Yao's career-ending injury.

7. LeBron's Mother: Rumors about LeBron's mother and a teammate were false and never confirmed. 8. Iverson vs. Jordan: Allen Iverson got past Jordan but didn't make him fall during a game.

9. Howard and LeBron Trade: Rumors suggested trading Dwight Howard for LeBron, but Howard couldn't match LeBron's skills and influence at that time.

10. Nash's Family: Rumors about Nash's child being mixed-race were false; Nash's son is white, and there was no infidelity in his marriage.