NBA stars who will never go bankrupt

Although currently just a substitute player, Ross is wealthy due to his real estate investments with teammate Lawrence. He owns 350 properties with high annual rent earnings, surpassing his salary. Nicknamed the "landlord" of the NBA, Ross's total income easily exceeds tens of millions.  

Bridgeman, while not well-known in the NBA, made a comeback after retiring, investing in the food and beverage industry. He now has fast food chains nationwide, with a net worth exceeding $600 million. 

James is a minority owner of Liverpool Football Club and has various business ventures, maximizing his commercial value. His net worth is over $800 million, with an annual income of $40 million.

O'Neal invested in Google in 1998, holding shares now worth around $700 million. 

Jordan, always aiming to be the best, earns millions annually through his successful investments, particularly his "AJ" series. His ability to make money is truly impressive, living up to the nickname of "earning money in his sleep".