NBA "most beautiful" arm, only these 5 bits

Andre Iguodala, known for his perfect arm muscle lines, has one of the most beautiful biceps in the league. His biceps are well-defined and his triceps are prominent.

Magati's muscles are not only highly separated, and the muscles are very beautiful, but there are also violent green tendons on the arm to show a sense of strength.

David Robinson, also known as "The Admiral," is considered to have the perfect NBA physique. He has a perfect height and a well-proportioned body with well-defined muscles. Each muscle is perfectly developed without any excess. 

Dwight Howard, despite his recent weight loss, still maintains his status as a muscular powerhouse. His arms are well-rounded and inflated, making him a formidable presence in the paint.

Lastly, Ben Wallace, known for his ability to compete against Shaquille O'Neal, possesses incredible arm strength. His biceps are so well-developed that he can bench press up to 416 pounds, twice his body weight. The veins on his arms resemble a snake, making his muscles both intimidating and enviable.