How strong is NBA star destructive power?

1. Westbrook's Escaped Injury: NBA stars have incredible destructive power. Westbrook escaped a potential concussion after being hit by an elbow, thanks to his youthful and strong body. 

2. High-Speed Cameras Capture LeBron's Power: High-speed cameras captured LeBron James deforming a basketball on the rim during a dunk, demonstrating his immense power. 

3. Zion Williamson Shoe Explosion: During a college game, Zion Williamson's basketball shoe exploded under his feet, showcasing the leg power of NBA players.

4. Vogel's Backboard Shatter: Frank Vogel, the Lakers' new coach, shattered a backboard during his playing career. After grabbing a rebound, he completed a powerful dunk that nearly brought down the entire hoop.

5. Shaquille O'Neal's Goalpost Collapse: Shaquille O'Neal's weight and strength allowed him to effortlessly tear down an entire goalpost during a game, leading to an NBA upgrade in hoop quality.