5 levels of moisture for one handed ball holding

James is the NBA's most dominant player. In a game against the Nuggets, he tried to imitate his predecessors' stylish one-handed ball handling but got too caught up in showing off. As a result, a defender stole the ball effortlessly, giving the opponent an easy basket. 

Rondo's talent is unparalleled among basketball players. With his long arms and large palms, he effortlessly holds the ball with one hand. In this image, Rondo firmly grips the ball, creating a unique beauty. 

Garnett, known as one of the most versatile power forwards in NBA history, also excels in one-handed ball handling due to his big hands and long arms. Carter, the dunk king of the new century, demonstrates his one-handed ball handling skills in front of Kobe. However, compared to the other players, Carter's skills seem less impressive. 

Kobe frequently utilizes one-handed ball handling to assess his teammates' positions while also backing down opponents. Among the players in the new century, McGrady's graceful one-handed ball handling stands out. With his large hands and aesthetically pleasing long arms, he effortlessly controls the ball with one hand.

As the true god of one-handed ball handling, Jordan reigns supreme. His large palms are legendary, and he frequently showcases this technique, both facing the basket and with a reverse grip.