US media put all players together for draft

Elgin Baylor is in 15th place. He led his team to the Finals 8 times but missed out on many accolades due to being overshadowed by Bill Russell. Moses Malone is in 14th place and won 3 regular-season MVPs and 1 Finals MVP. Despite his success, Malone did not receive much recognition. Dr. J Julius Erving is in 13th place. He won a regular-season MVP and a championship.

Hakeem Olajuwon is in 12th place and won 2 championships without any All-Star teammates. Oscar Robertson is in 11th place and was the first player to average a triple-double for a season. Shaquille O'Neal is in 10th place and won 4 championships.  

Tim Duncan is in 9th place and won 5 championships. Larry Bird is in 8th place and has 3 regular-season MVPs. Wilt Chamberlain is in 7th place and had impressive scoring and rebounding numbers. Bill Russell is in 6th place with 11 championships. 

Magic Johnson is in 5th place and won 5 championships. LeBron James is in 4th place and won 4 championships. Kobe Bryant is in 3rd place with 5 championships. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is in 2nd place and has 6 championships. Michael Jordan is in 1st place with 6 championships. These rankings are subjective and debatable.