Check out the classic NBA sayings: m back!

1. "I'm back!" - Michael Jordan: Retiring after his first three championships, Jordan announced his comeback on March 18, 1995, in jersey number 45. The phrase sparked excitement as he led the Bulls to win three more titles.

2. "Don't ever underestimate the heart of a champion!" - Rudy Tomjanovich: In 1994, the underdog Rockets defended their title, with Tomjanovich declaring not to underestimate them.

3. "Who's coming in second?" - Larry Bird: Bird's confidence in winning three-point contests led him to ask his competitors. He won the event three times in a row.

4. "This is gonna be your league!" - Tim Duncan: After defeating LeBron James in the 2007 Finals, Duncan acknowledged James' potential and thanked him.

5. "Mamba out!" - Kobe Bryant: On his final game, Bryant scored 60 points and ended his 20-year career with a victory, concluding his speech with "Mamba out!"