The 8 most insulting dunks in history

8. Wade dunks on Valanciunas: During a game between the Heat and the Cavaliers, Wade faced Valanciunas at the rim and powered through for a monster dunk, sending Valanciunas crashing to the ground.

7. Kobe posterizes Howard: In his rookie season, Howard was defenseless against Kobe's ferocious dunk, forced to duck and avoid the attack.

6. LeBron's alley-oop over Terry: LeBron completed an alley-oop over Terry, knocking him down to the ground and earning himself a technical foul.

5. Griffin posterizes Perkins: Griffin's best dunk of all time was over Perkins, where he soared above him for a powerful slam.

4. Jordan "kills" Knight: Jordan brutally posterized Knight, sending him crashing to the ground and leading to a humorous edit on Knight's Wikipedia page.

3. Shaq bullies Dudley: O'Neal easily backed down Dudley, unleashing a vicious slam and causing Dudley to angrily throw the ball at him.

2. McGrady dunks on Bradley: McGrady blew past Nowitzki and met Bradley for a thunderous dunk, leaving Bradley embarrassed.

1. Carter leaps over French center: Carter stole the ball and soared over the 7-foot-2 French center for a one-handed slam, deeply affecting him.