NBA5 Rich Second Generation

5. Bamote: Bamote is a top winged defensive player in the league, known as the "Emperor" by Cameroonian fans. He is the son of a Cameroonian chief, with several hundred million bankbooks at home. His father is also the head of the Cameroon National Employment Fund. Enbide was a genius discovered in his training camp.

4. Nene: 35 year old Nene is a substitute center for the Rockets, and he is also a well-known sports star in Brazil. Although he is not a superstar in the NBA, his love for basketball has allowed him to continue to unleash his energy. And he has a huge family business in Brazil.

3. Amino: The Trail Blazers' Amino is from Nigeria, averaging 8 points and 7 rebounds per game. His contract was already quite cheap at the time. But for him, money is not very attractive because he has Nigerian royal lineage and inheritance rights to the throne.

2. Lambill: Lambill is a member of the 'Bad Boy Legion'. His father is a senior executive and partner of a Fortune 500 company in the United States, and has enough financial resources to purchase an NBA team. Lanbill won two championship rings in his career, but he gave one to a prostitute, threw the other into the toilet, and said he played basketball because he couldn't find a better job.

1. David Li: David Li was once an All Star player. His family wealth has always been a mystery. His father owns 13 fast food chains and a dozen chain supermarkets, and his grandfather is also a business tycoon. David Li often donates, and his total donation has reached 70 million US dollars.