In this era, will Michael Jordan still be successful?

Many people question Michael Jordan's status as the greatest basketball player of all time. However, there are several reasons why Jordan would excel in any era of basketball. 

1. Powerful Physical Abilities: Jordan had exceptional physical attributes. His vertical leap and hang time were legendary, and he was incredibly fast. In today's NFL, successful wide receivers typically run the 40-yard dash in 4.2-4.4 seconds. Jordan's athleticism and coordination would allow him to thrive in any era. 

2. Faster Offensive Pace and Favorable Rule Changes: NBA rule changes in 2004 led to a faster pace and increased scoring opportunities. If Jordan played today, he would have even higher scoring numbers. In his prime with the Chicago Bulls, he averaged 23.3 field-goal attempts and 31.5 points per game. With the three-point revolution and rule changes, his scoring average could increase to 32.9 or even 35.4 points per game. 

3. Exceptional Shooting Skills: Jordan's offensive style and scoring methods can adapt to the modern game. His mid-range jump shot was his trademark, and he had a career field goal percentage of 49.7%. With the focus on three-point shooting today, Jordan would have surely developed that skill as well. 

4. Outstanding Defense: Jordan was one of the best defenders in NBA history. He won the NBA Defensive Player of the Year award in 1988 and was selected to the All-Defensive First Team in nine seasons. His skills would translate well into the current era that heavily relies on the abilities of wing players. 

5. Competitive Perfectionism: Jordan's unmatched drive and competitiveness cannot be quantified. He was a born winner and always pushed himself to be the best. This unwavering determination and obsession with perfection would allow him to excel regardless of the era. 

In conclusion, Michael Jordan's exceptional physical abilities, adaptability, shooting skills, defensive prowess, and unmatched competitive nature make him a timeless legend in basketball. He would undoubtedly thrive in any era and continue to be the best player on the court.