The five most talented players at each position in the new century

1. Point Guard: Rose Nominees: Westbrook and Morant Rose has the best physical attributes among point guards. His incredible jumping ability, speed, and unmatched first step make him unstoppable on the court. His core strength allows him to perform incredible moves such as fold passes and extreme lay-ups.

2. Shooting Guard: Wade Nominees: LaVine and J. Green Wade possesses the strongest physical attributes among shooting guards. Despite a knee injury, his speed in driving to the basket is unparalleled. His first step acceleration and jumping ability make him a shot-blocking king. Wade's broad frame and wingspan add to his exceptional static talents.

3. Small Forward: Wiggins Nominees: James and Gordon Wiggins possesses better physical attributes than James. His longer wingspan, Achilles tendon, and outstanding defensive abilities make him stand out. Wiggins' exceptional jumping and hang time abilities surpass those of James. He is also on par with James in terms of durability.

4. Power Forward: Antetokounmpo Nominees: Anthony Davis and Zion Antetokounmpo is recognized as having the most outstanding physical attributes among power forwards. His height, wingspan, and Achilles tendon length are extremely enticing. Antetokounmpo's dynamic talents, including extraordinary jumping ability and core strength, make him a scoring threat in any defense.

5. Center: Howard Nominees: Oden and DeAndre Jordan Howard deserves the title of having the best physical attributes among centers. His terrifying wingspan, broad shoulders, and jumping ability make him a defensive powerhouse. Even in the twilight of his career, Howard became the defensive cornerstone of the Lakers. His level of physical attributes is truly rare.