Several mortal enemies on Jordan’s road to becoming a god

(1) Magic Johnson and Larry Bird: in the 80s, Johnson and Bird dominated the NBA Finals. Jordan, a rookie at the time, was considered just a small obstacle on the Celtics' path to glory. 

(2) Isiah Thomas and the Bad Boys: Thomas and his Pistons were Jordan's biggest rivals in the late 80s. They used physicality and aggressiveness to constantly challenge Jordan and the Bulls, leading to the creation of the "Jordan Rules." 

(3) Karl Malone and John Stockton: The Utah Jazz duo faced off against Jordan in two NBA Finals, making it tough for him to secure championships. Malone's elbow and Stockton's sneaky plays tested Jordan's determination.  

(4) Reggie Miller: Miller, known for his fearless personality, never backed down against Jordan. In the 1998 Eastern Conference Finals, Miller hit a game-winning three-pointer, refusing to admit that Jordan had defeated him. 

Jordan's greatness was not only due to his talented teammates but also because of the strong rivals he faced. Despite their best efforts to challenge him, they all acknowledged Jordan's greatness in the end.