Michael Jordan and his "troubled boy" era

Michael Jordan, born on February 17, 1963, in Brooklyn, New York, had a challenging childhood. His father, a regular farmer, was the inspiration behind Jordan's iconic tongue-out pose, as it came from his father's actions while working as a mechanic. Jordan was a handful and the most troublesome child among his siblings. 

At the age of two, Jordan nearly lost his life when he touched an electric wire while his father was busy repairing an engine in the backyard. He was electrocuted and thrown several meters away. At five years old, he injured his foot when he accidentally hit his toe with an axe while being fascinated by its mystical qualities.

When he turned thirteen, the mischievous Jordan became obsessed with motorcycles. He often tried to imitate the stunts he saw on TV and once ended up driving his motorcycle into a ditch. 

In his parents' eyes, he was a problematic teenager who was difficult to discipline. Fortunately, Jordan found his passion: sports, particularly basketball. With his boundless energy, he was born to be an athlete.