Taking stock of the weird looks of playing in the NBA

When people think of little Peyton, they often associate him with his father, Glove Peyton, who now plays for the Warriors.

However, before that, little Peyton was known as Elfrid Payton, the 10th pick in the 2014 draft. Despite his average basketball skills and being out of the limelight, his unforgettable hairstyle remains a topic of conversation. Resembling an ancient emperor's crown, his hairstyle with a front bang obstructed his vision on the court. 

Similarly, Rodman, famous for his role as Sakuragi Hanamichi in the anime "Slam Dunk," inspired the protagonist's red hair. In real life, Rodman frequently changed his hair color, earning him the nickname "Worm. "

Curry, known for his neat short hairstyle, surprised fans in the 2019-2020 season with a center parting and a caterpillar-like hairstyle. Embiid, a prank-loving player for the 76ers, sported a funny hairstyle resembling an upside-down ceiling fan. 

Jeremy Lin, famous for his Linsanity era, experimented with eccentric hairstyles including afro, small braids, cornrows, and carved designs. Sprewell, known for his aggressive behavior, sported delicate pigtails, creating a discordant look.

Finally, Bynum, once a promising young player for the Lakers, ruined his NBA career by experimenting with hairstyles, including getting his hair done during halftime.