The Greatest of All in Basketball History

Most Expensive Starting Lineup in Basketball Teams: The Cleveland Cavaliers had the highest-paid starting lineup in professional basketball last year, with their salaries totaling over $100 million. LeBron James was the highest-paid player, earning $30.96 million. 

Record-Breaking Win in Asia U18 Women's Basketball Championship: In 2002, Japan U18 achieved a historical victory in the championship by defeating Mongolia U18 with a massive 205-21 score. The 184-point difference is the largest ever in professional basketball history. The Chinese men's basketball team also had a humiliating win over Iraq with a 100-point advantage, winning by a score of 125-25.  

Tallest Basketball Player: There have been claims of a Sudanese player, Hassa, being 2.62 meters tall, but the officially recognized tallest basketball player is Suleiman Ali Nashnush from the NAIA league in the United States, standing at 2.36 meters. 

Longest Overtime in College Basketball: The NBA record for the most overtime periods in a game is six, but in NCAA Division III basketball, there was a game with seven overtime periods. The final score was 128-123, with eight players fouled out, 166 total rebounds, and 133 points scored during the overtimes. 58-Hour Duke vs. 

North Carolina Game: In January 2006, Duke and North Carolina played a charity game that lasted for 58 hours, starting on Saturday at 8 am and ending on Monday at 6 pm. The game aimed to raise funds and had a final score of 3,688-3,444. It gained nationwide attention and raised a significant amount of donations.