NBA trivia: Jordan's three-pointer ties the lowest in history

NBA Cold Knowledge:

1. Michael Jordan scored the lowest score in the three-point contest, only five points. The record holder is not well-known, Shalmuf, who is Dirk Nowitzki's predecessor and also German.

2. The NBA logo was created based on Lakers legend Jerry West, although it hasn't been officially recognized. The NBA logo, with red, blue, and white, was introduced in 1969 and has been used ever since.

3. Marion, known for his versatility in defense and offense, surprisingly never made it to the All-Defensive Team. Maybe the threshold is too high?

4. Many NBA stars start with a full head of hair but end up bald, like Kobe and Jordan. The reason is the same as for ordinary people - receding hairlines due to aging.

5. Poor free throw shooting has been a common criticism among big men in the NBA, including Shaq, Howard, and even Nash's career record is better than Howard's single-season record.