The love story of Jordan and Nike

1 Jordan Brand: A Popular Sports Equipment Brand The Jordan Brand, a team under Nike, is the most popular sports equipment brand in the NBA. 

2. Jordan's Success and Wealth With a net worth of nearly $1.7 billion, Jordan is ranked 1477th on the Forbes billionaire list and 455th on the overall US list. 

3. Partnership with Nike Nike signed Jordan with a $2.5 million endorsement contract and 4.5% of Nike's shares, becoming one of the most significant sneaker contracts at the time. 

4. AJ Becoming an Independent Brand In 2003, Nike turned AJ into an independent brand, allowing Jordan to own two-thirds of the shares and make a 66% profit from each sale.  

5. Jordan's Phenomenal Influence Jordan's retirement led to a drastic drop in the NBA's TV ratings, attendance rates, and revenue. The league even faced a potential shutdown. 

6. NBA's Hope for Jordan's Return The NBA repeatedly expressed its desire for Jordan to come back from retirement, leading to his return twice.