How much did Jordan earn in total in his NBA career?

As for how great Jordan was in the NBA and how invincible his career was, we will not repeat it today. After all, even my mother knows that there is a person named Jordan who is the best at playing basketball.

As the recognized number one player in NBA history, how much salary did Jordan receive in his more than ten years of career? Let's find out today.

Overview of Jordan's salary over the years

1984-85 season: $550,000

1985-86 season: $630,000

1987-88 season: $850,000

1988-89 season: $2 million

1989-90 season: $2.5 million

1990-91 season: $2.5 million

1991-92 season: $3.25 million

1992-93 season: $4 million

1993-94 season: $4 million

1994-95 season: $3.85 million

1995-96 season: $3.85 million

1996-97 season: $30.14 million

1997-98 season: $33.14 million

01-02 season: US$1 million (fully donated to the "Families of the Victims of the September 11 Incident")

02-03 season: $1.03 million

Cumulative career salary: US$93.29 million (duplicate salary has been removed)