How much does Jordan like gambling?

1.  Walker and Jordan became acquainted through star trainer Tim Grover. When Jordan planned to come back to the Wizards, he brought in the same trainer, giving Walker the opportunity to interact with Jordan. At first, Walker was shocked by Jordan's gambling "chips," but later he was scared by Jordan's fierce competitiveness. They played poker for 36 hours straight and lost a total of $900,000.

2. High Stakes with Jordan: When betting with Jordan, the chips had to be significant. The minimum bet was $20,000, and if you didn't have that amount, you couldn't even join the game. Jordan's competitiveness led them to play poker continuously for 36 hours. They faced off against two other players and ended up losing $900,000.

3. Debt Settlement: At that time, Walker only had $100,000 in cash, while Jordan had around $200,000. However, this was far from enough to cover their gambling debt. Jordan planned to call his nephew and ask for $500,000, but the people they were playing with were also wealthy and saw the situation. They thought it would be better to make friends, so they cancelled the debts and only asked for the $20,000 minimum from Jordan.

4. Restarting the Gamble: Jordan couldn't accept this defeat and so the two sides started gambling again. In the end, the debt increased from $20,000 to $180,000. Jordan was so exhausted that he fell asleep right at the table, finally ending the game.