Michael Jordan was only 1.75 meters in high school, why did he grow so much after that?

Michael Jordan, a synonym for NBA and basketball, stands at 198cm tall, which is considered a "giant" in real life although common in the NBA. During his teenage years, Jordan faced height issues. 

At 16, he was almost rejected from the school team due to his height of only 175cm. Jordan was haunted by his brother's basketball "history" of being unable to go further due to height limitations. And the genetics in Jordan's family didn't help either, with his father being 173cm and his mother 168cm. To improve his height, Jordan brainstormed various methods.

 He stumbled upon a video of people hanging from a pull-up bar on TV and wondered if it could stretch the body. Despite lacking scientific evidence, Jordan was willing to give it a try. So, whenever he had free time, Jordan would hang himself. Since he didn't have a pull-up bar at home, he would suspend himself from a door frame. After persisting for a year, a miracle happened - Jordan went from 175cm to 192cm. 

When he went to college, Jordan reached his final height of 198cm. While miracles like Jordan's may not happen to us, it's worth giving it a try.