Michael Jordan's Top 10 NBA moments!

1. Free-Throw Line Takeoff: In the 1988 NBA Slam Dunk Contest, Jordan needed at least 49 points to win. He chose to do his signature free-throw line takeoff dunk and successfully defended his title.

2. The Return: After a year and a half retirement, Jordan came back to the NBA in 1995 and scored 55 points in his first game, showing that he had become even stronger.

3. 63 Points against the Celtics: In the 1986 playoffs, the Celtics tried to stop Jordan by double-teaming him, but he scored an incredible 63 points and proved that he couldn't be stopped.

4. The Classic Shoulder Shrug: In the 1992 NBA Finals, Jordan scored 39 points, including six consecutive three-pointers. His iconic shoulder shrug gesture became one of the most memorable moments in NBA history.

5. First Championship: Jordan led the Bulls to their first championship win on June 13, 1991, defeating the Los Angeles Lakers. It was the start of his two three-peat championships and he had a 100% success rate in the NBA Finals.

6. Father's Day Tribute: In 1996, the Bulls won their fourth championship, which was particularly meaningful for Jordan as it was his first title after his father's death. The victory on Father's Day was seen as a tribute to his late father.

7. The Last All-Star Weekend: In 2003, Jordan had his final All-Star Weekend. Many memorable moments happened, such as Allen Iverson and Tracy McGrady giving up their starting positions for Jordan. Mariah Carey's performance of the song "Hero" brought Jordan to tears.

8. The Flu Game: In the 1997 NBA Finals, Jordan played despite having a high fever and food poisoning. He scored 38 points and helped the Bulls win the game, securing their position in the series and creating an everlasting classic moment.

9. The Shot 1.0: In the 1989 playoffs, Jordan made a last-second shot against the Cleveland Cavaliers, with Craig Ehlo defending him. Despite Ehlo's attempt to block the shot, Jordan gracefully stayed in the air and made the shot.

10. The Shot 2.0: In the sixth game of the 1998 NBA Finals, Jordan sealed the victory for the Bulls with a clutch jumper. This shot helped the team win their second three-peat and was considered a fitting end to Jordan's legendary career.