There is a limit called Jordan's bounce

Michael Jordan is known for his amazing basketball skills and especially his leaping ability, which is why he is often called "Air Jordan." 

In dunk contests, Jordan showcased his signature move, the free-throw line dunk, making it look effortless with his own style of mid-air acrobatics. His repertoire of dunks during these contests was impressive, including the powerful windmill dunk with a gold chain hanging from his neck.

Jordan's leaping ability also shone on the international stage at the Olympics, where his iconic one-handed dunk from the free-throw line left opponents in awe. His defensive skills were just as impressive, with terrifying blocks where he easily leaped above the rim to deny his opponents.  

Reaching the rim requires physical and mental preparation, but for Jordan, it was effortless. He could casually touch the rim without any effort, and his jumping ability was unrivaled. 

In one of his most famous moments, "The Shot," Jordan's athleticism reached its peak as he effortlessly jumped to the rim, defying gravity, and made the shot despite the defender's best efforts. His leaping ability was truly outstanding.