So envious! Inside Michael Jordan's $80 Million Superyacht

Jordan's most expensive purchase to date is an $80 million super yacht called "Joy." The yacht is 230 feet long and 10 feet wide, with an aluminum superstructure and a deck made of teak wood. It is equipped with glass-aluminum insulation to adapt to different weather conditions.

Jordan was first spotted on this luxurious yacht with friends on their way to St. Barts in the Caribbean. The yacht has five decks, eight guest cabins, an indoor jacuzzi, a cinema, a spa center, and a beautiful restaurant. The most impressive feature is the onboard gym and basketball court. Jordan resides in the top-level suite of the yacht, which includes a private office and a terrace with the best sea view.  

According to reports, there are approximately nineteen crew members on board, with maintenance costs of $800,000 per week. If you want to rent such a yacht, it will cost at least $840,000 for a week. Moreover, this is not even the only yacht that Jordan owns; he also has a smaller $21 million yacht called "Mr."