Four stars who can limit Michael Jordan on a single defense

1. Gary Payton: The "Glove," known for his defense, limited Jordan's offense with his 9 All-Defensive First Team selections. He is the only guard to win the Defensive Player of the Year award. Payton's defense closely guarded Jordan, understanding his moves and lowering his shooting percentage. In the NBA Finals, Payton held Jordan to a career-low 41% shooting. His success against the basketball deity is undeniable.

2. Kawhi Leonard: Named Defensive Player of the Year twice, Leonard is an all-around star with excellent defensive skills. His height, weight, and long arms give him an advantage over Jordan on both offense and defense. Leonard's "Klaw" move would make Jordan uncomfortable. His defense is unmatched among guards and forwards.

3. LeBron James: James's athleticism compensates for his lack of top-tier defensive awareness. He can counter Jordan with his chase-down blocks and has a speed advantage. His height and weight also give him an edge. James is a top-level defender with exceptional help defense skills. The showdown between these two superstars is unprecedented.

4. Kobe Bryant: Like Jordan, Bryant is one of the best shooting guards in history with similar skills and physical attributes. With 9 All-Defensive First Team selections, his defense is top-level. Defending Jordan would be challenging for Bryant, as they have similar offensive games and Bryant understands Jordan's tactics. It's like defending oneself, as they know each other too well.