Jordan's used '96 Mercedes-Benz sells for $23

Michael Jordan's Classic Car Auctioned for $23 on Whatnot Platform In a video on the live shopping platform Whatnot, Michael Jordan's 1996 Mercedes-Benz S600 Lorinser is being auctioned for $23, as part of a promotion called "Retro." 

The car showcased at the National Sports Collectors Convention in Chicago from July 26th to 30th, is one of the featured items in the promotion where all products are priced at $23. The auction price of $23 pays tribute to Jordan's iconic number 23 jersey and his six championship victories. 

As explained in the promotion, users can enter a lottery on the Whatnot app by spending $23, with each person eligible for up to four lottery codes. This offers them a chance to purchase items from the $23-priced pool of goods.