How long is the Achilles tendon of an NBA star?

1: Ray Allen: Known as the greatest three-point shooter in history, Ray Allen's exceptional Achilles tendon length greatly contributes to his ability to perform powerful dunks during games.

2: Michael Jordan: It has been reported that Jordan's Achilles tendon measures 28cm, giving him an advantage in both jumping and speed.

3: Allen Iverson: Iverson's incredible Achilles tendon length played a crucial role in enabling him to outperform taller opponents.

4: Kobe Bryant: Kobe's Achilles tendon, which was 2cm longer than Jordan's, made him an unstoppable force. 5: Dwight Howard: Howard was known for his volleyball-style blocks and spectacular alley-oop dunks.

6: Vince Carter: Carter still amazes fans with his powerful dunks.

7: Tracy McGrady: Before his injuries, his extraordinary Achilles tendon length allowed him to effortlessly perform self-assisted dunks and posterize his opponents.