Take stock of NBA players with aura of boss

1. Holiday and Davis give up their seats for Rondo: In a surprising move, Holliday and Davis voluntarily gave up their seats for Rondo during a post-game press conference, recognizing his leadership on the team.

2. Haslem makes LeBron listen: Despite not being a star player on the court, Haslem is a spiritual leader for the Miami Heat, and even LeBron respects and listens to him during conflicts.

3. Pacers' locker room chaos after Granger's departure: After trading away their former leader, Granger, the Pacers locker room quickly descended into chaos, resulting in conflicts between George and Hibbert, and ultimately leading to a decline in the team's performance.

4. Durant: Perkins is our leader: Despite not being a main player for the Thunder or Cavaliers, Perkins has a strong leadership presence, acknowledged by Durant and other teammates.

5. LeBron's unexpected locker room leader in the Cavaliers: When LeBron James returned to the Cavaliers, another player emerged as a leader in the locker room - James Jones. After a string of losses in 2017, Jones passionately motivated and questioned his teammates, helping the team get back on track.