Who has the strongest abs in the NBA?

Westbrook's athleticism is evident from his triple-double ability. His abs, along with his powerful arms and chest, are among the best in the NBA.

Randle's physicality has greatly contributed to the Knicks' success. Despite his height, his muscular body and well-defined abs make him perfect for the power forward position.

Gobert may seem skinny, but his DPOY awards and chiseled abs prove his talent and strength. 

Ibaka's physical prowess and artistic abs make him a sought-after fashion magazine cover model. 

Wiggins may face criticism, but his dedication to workouts is undeniable. His imposing abs resemble those of a bodybuilder. 

Gordon, now with the Nuggets, has thrived in their system, showcasing his physicality and executing stylish dunks with Jokic's accurate passes.