Five hidden rules of the NBA

1.Most NBA players change girlfriends frequently to be expected considering their young age. However, there are specific dating rules within the NBA. Players are not allowed to date team cheerleaders to prevent potential scandals that could harm the league's image. 

2.Unauthorized photography or videos in the locker room is strictly prohibited. Even though there have been instances of live streaming in locker rooms with permission, unauthorized recording can lead to negative incidents. 

3. It's also advisable to be careful with certain words. The Chinese word "nèi gè," which sounds similar to a derogatory term against African Americans, should not be used when speaking English to avoid misunderstandings and tense situations.  

4.Wearing the jersey number 69 is not allowed  

5.The NBA prohibits racial discrimination targeting African Americans and any other race. Instances of racial discrimination, like Meyers Leonard's derogatory comments about Jewish people or Donald Sterling's racist remarks against African Americans, have faced severe consequences such as bans and team ownership changes.