The five most physically damaging NBA players!

McGrady's early career was marked by his incredible display of physical gifts with highlight-worthy jump shots, dunks, and blocks. However, his explosive style of play led to multiple injuries, forcing him to rely more on jumpers. 

Experts confirm that LeBron's style of play takes a toll on his body, with claims of his decline at 30. His bulldozing style heavily relies on his physicality, resulting in hard fouls and significant wear and tear. 

In the early stages of his career, Wade relied on driving to score, culminating in his impressive performance in the 2006 NBA Finals. However, the overuse of his body led to knee injuries that impacted his later performance.

Rose never reached his peak due to constant high-speed drives that strained his knees and ankles, ultimately leading to a sharp decline. 

Iverson, at just 6'0", won the scoring title four times, relying on his driving ability despite the physical strain. He endured numerous injuries and earned the reputation of a "warrior" on the court.