5 shocking coma moments in the NBA

1. Anthony's mysterious fainting spell: In 2010, during a game between the Denver Nuggets and the Oklahoma City Thunder, Carmelo Anthony suddenly collapsed and slipped into a mysterious coma. Although some fans initially thought he was protesting against the referees, it turned out to be a genuine fainting spell. Luckily, team doctors arrived in time to revive him. However, they were unable to determine the cause of his fainting.

2. Metta World Peace's elbow knocks Durant unconscious: During a game in 2012 between the Thunder and the Lakers, Metta World Peace accidentally hit James Harden with his elbow, causing Harden to lose consciousness for about 30 seconds. World Peace was immediately ejected from the game and Harden had to sit out for multiple games due to the injury. Harden still feels uneasy when he sees World Peace.

3. Stankovic carried off unconscious: Stankovic, a basketball player, suddenly lost consciousness while sitting on the bench during a timeout. Despite the efforts of the team doctors, his condition did not improve, and he struggled to breathe. Stankovic had to be carried off on a stretcher and given oxygen. If not for the NBA's preparedness, he may not have survived.

4. James Nunnally's career-ending unconsciousness: James Nunnally fell on his head during a dunk attempt, rendering him unconscious. He required hospital treatment, and it's likely that his basketball career is over as a result. This incident emphasizes the importance of player safety and protection.

5. Ariza's malicious foul leaves Fernandez unconscious: Rudy Fernandez, playing for the Trail Blazers at the time, was knocked unconscious by a malicious foul committed by Trevor Ariza. Fernandez's head hit the ground, and a brawl almost ensued between the two teams. Fernandez was immediately carried off the court and taken to the hospital.