The careers of 5 major players ended in vain

1. Prince Announces Retirement: "Prince" Tayshaun Prince, known for exceptional defense, played a crucial role in the Pistons' system. After being a journeyman, he signed his final contract with the Timberwolves but officially retired and joined the Pistons' management after a year.

2. Ray Allen Reluctant to Leave: Despite being 39, Ray Allen maintained good form after becoming a free agent. He turned down multiple offers and kept the door open for a good opportunity, but unfortunately, he announced his retirement in November 2016.

3. Deron Williams Can't Find a New Home: After joining the Cavaliers, Williams' performance became inconsistent. He became a free agent, but no team offered him a contract. Making a comeback after a year away from the court will be challenging for him.

4. Chris Bosh's Illness Hinders Comeback: Bosh's career ended due to a mysterious illness. Diagnosed with blood clots, he missed the entire 2016-17 season. Although Bosh never officially announced the injury hindered his retirement, his desire to return.

5. Birdman Anderson's Silent Departure: Chris Andersen's explosive athleticism and unique appearance left an impression. He signed with the Cavaliers but suffered a torn ACL. Traded to the Hornets and released, Anderson quietly left the game without public proclamation.