How terrifying is the NBA's confrontational power?

1. Elbows to the Face: In a Raptors vs. Wizards playoff game, a terrifying moment occurred when Terrence Ross had his face deformed by Terrence Jones' elbow. Similarly, Yao Ming had his face bloodied by Carl Landry's elbow. James Harden was knocked unconscious by Metta World Peace's elbow, leaving a lasting impact.

2. Nasal Injuries: Steve Nash's nose came close to being destroyed twice. During the playoffs, Robert Horry's malicious foul caused his nose to bleed profusely. Another time, while defending Tony Parker, Nash's nose got disfigured from a collision, causing bloodshed.

3. Head as Vulnerable Area: Facial injuries are common due to the intensity of the game. Rudy Gobert experienced a scratch from an opponent's fingernails. Russell Westbrook suffered a deep facial cut from a collision, leaving a significant scar.

4. Power Struggles in the Paint: The most intense battles in basketball are fought in the paint. Udonis Haslem knocked Shaquille O'Neal down with his pure strength. Karl-Anthony Towns faced the overwhelming force of DeMarcus Cousins, leaving him helpless.

5. Airborne Dunks: NBA is known for its high-flying dunk contests, showcasing the intensity of physicality. Dwyane Wade dunked over Von Wafer, knocking him to the ground. When facing LeBron James, participants rarely have a chance due to his sheer strength. Jason Terry was elbowed in mid-air by LeBron and was propelled half a meter.

6. Zhou Qi vs. DeMarcus Cousins: When players from other leagues face NBA players, the physicality becomes apparent. During a preseason game, Zhou Qi attempted to single-handedly challenge DeMarcus Cousins, but he ended up using his elbows and nearly got pushed out of bounds.