NBA's Top 5 Player-Referee Conflicts

1. Clash With Referees: In a recent Warriors vs. Heat game, Livingston and a referee clashed. Livingston was ejected, but the league discovered that the referee had initiated the aggression. Thus, Livingston was suspended for one game, and the referee for a week. 

2. Boxing Referees Escape Punishment?: Boozers accidentally hit a referee during a Mavericks vs. Bulls game while celebrating a crucial layup. Should he be blamed for it?

3. Referees Can Also Be Problematic: In a 2007 game between the Spurs and Mavericks, Duncan was ejected after a technical foul for smiling on the bench. Referee Joe Crawford was suspended for the season due to this absurd decision.

4. Jordan's Verbal Confrontations: Michael Jordan handled referees through verbal confrontations. He once challenged a referee who pointed out his foul, showing his dominance.

5. Awkward Moments with Female Referees: Since the introduction of female referees, awkward situations have emerged. Thomas accidentally touched a female referee during a Kings vs. Hornets game, leading to a humorous reaction. Thomas was treading dangerous ground.