The 6 most difficult dunks in human history

1. Double Leg Under Dunk: Michael Jordan couldn't do it, but Jonathan Clark did. This dunk involves two between-the-leg movements before the dunk, and Clark successfully accomplished it.

2. 720-Degree Dunk: Many players have done a 360-degree dunk, but very few have done a 720-degree dunk. Only a streetball player named Mr. 720 has achieved this impressive feat.

3. Behind-the-Back Four-Person Dunk: Guy Dupuy, once hailed as the best dunker, completed a dunk that no one else can replicate. He jumped over four people and added a behind-the-back move, taking the difficulty to an extraordinary level.

4. Behind-the-Back Dunk: White Jordan is known for his difficult and creative dunks. He even raised the hoop's height to perform the behind-the-back dunk, leaving the audience in awe.

5. The Dunk of Death: Vince Carter's Dunk of Death in the 2000 Sydney Olympics is legendary. After stealing the ball, he dunked it on top of a French center, shattering their confidence.

6. Conquering the 360 with Double Leg Under: What's next for dunkers after conquering difficult dunks? Conquering the 360 with a double leg under is a challenge attempted by Derrick Jones and Jonathan Clark, but neither succeeded.