NBA Stars and Their Troublesome Relatives!

1. Grandma Attay Robs a Bank: Attay's grandma, aged 87, masterminded a bank robbery in 2007, along with two other elderly women. It's impressive that an 87-year-old could plan such a heist. Attay has publicly apologized for her actions, and his grandma is now in prison.

2. Leonard's Uncle's Betrayal: Leonard's trade drama with the Spurs is linked to his uncle's involvement. Reports suggest that his uncle pressured the team and hid Leonard from them to secure his future benefits. Leonard's career is at risk as he is in a bitter dispute and might be benched for a season.

3. LeBron's Mom Forces a Decision: LeBron James left the Cavaliers and joined the Heat in 2010, driven not only by a championship pursuit but also due to his mother's inappropriate relationship with teammate Delonte West. Although the Cavaliers traded West, it intensified LeBron's desire to leave.

4. Kidd's Daughter Brings Shame: Kidd's daughter has embarrassed him by getting involved with drugs and having explicit photos leaked online. Rumors of her engagement in prostitution circulated, tarnishing Kidd's reputation. In contrast, Magic Johnson's son is relatively well-behaved.

5. Duncan's "Wang Baoqiang" Moment: Duncan's first wife, Amy, cheated on him with a stripper and used his money to open a gym for her lover. They divorced, but Duncan found solace in his beautiful new girlfriend.