Four trivia facts about Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan's Best Friend: It may surprise many that Michael Jordan's best friend was not his teammate, Scottie Pippen, but rather a driver named George Koehler. During Jordan's early days in Chicago, Koehler picked him up in a luxurious car and charged only $25. Their bond grew from there as Koehler became Jordan's personal driver and even his assistant.

Early Nickname: While Jordan is commonly known as the "Air Jordan," he was originally referred to as the "Magic Jordan" in his NBA early career. Jordan himself admitted that he idolized Magic Johnson at that time. 

Most Proud Dunk: Jordan is famous for his impressive dunks, such as the free-throw line dunk, the windmill dunk, and the cradle dunk. However, his proudest dunk came in the 1991 playoffs when he posterized Patrick Ewing. Jordan often playfully teased Ewing with that dunk.

No Three Consecutive Losses: Throughout his Bulls career, Jordan never experienced three consecutive losses. This incredible streak started in the 1990-91 season and continued until his retirement in 1998. Experts from Harvard University calculated the probability of achieving this feat to be 0.2114%, virtually impossible. With 626 games played during that period, including 500 regular season games and 126 playoff games, it's evident how dominant Jordan was.