Jordan's best friend is a limo driver

In 1984, when Michael Jordan landed at Chicago's O'Hare Airport for his first training camp, the Bulls staff inadvertently forgot to send a pick-up car. So Jordan needed to find his own car, and he approached a limousine driver waiting in the arrivals area of the airport. Then, in a crazy twist, the driver, George Koehler, was actually a high school basketball teammate of Jordan's older brother, Larry Jordan, and the two hit it off and have been friends since that day at the airport.

In a 2010 interview, George Koehler explained his friendship with Jordan: "After 25 years, I no longer drive limousines for him, but we are still very close friends. It was through Michael that I met of all the people in the world. If you pick up a book about Michael's life, that's my life, but there's just Michael's name on the cover. I don't know if you believe in fate, but I obviously do. If my old client When that day comes, my whole life will be different."