Since the founding of the NBA, only 7 people have been the number one player in the league.

The 7 NBA league leaders are Russell, Chamberlain, Magic, Bird, Jordan, O'Neal, Kobe, LeBron, and Curry. 

Russell, the first league leader, has 11 championships and 5 MVPs. If there were FMVP awards back then, he would have at least 8.

Magic won 5 championships, 3 MVPs, and 3 FMVPs, changing the style of play. 

Jordan, the dominant player of the 90s, won 10 scoring titles and achieved two three-peats. O'Neal's aggressive style made him almost invincible. 

Kobe was the strongest shooting guard after Jordan. 

LeBron has 4 MVPs, 4 championships, and 4 Finals MVPs, with all-around skills. Curry revolutionized the league with his three-point shooting.