Jordan has many opponents, but only one enemy

The relationship between Jordan and his former rival, Thomas, has always been complicated. Thomas led the "Bad Boys" Pistons to defeat Jordan's Bulls three times, posing a significant challenge for Jordan during his first three-peat.

The way the Pistons defended Jordan went beyond the boundaries of basketball, almost resembling a brawl with five players ganging up on him. Thomas would grab Jordan from the top while his teammates targeted his vital areas from below. 

Even Jordan's teammates admitted they couldn't fathom how he survived. The Pistons' coach openly stated that he wanted to see Jordan bleed whenever he drove to the basket, showcasing their unrelenting, iron-clad defense. Even Jordan's teammate Pippen suffered from headaches and lingering effects from the Pistons' aggressive tactics.

When Jordan was selected for the Olympic "Dream Team," he made it clear that he would refuse to play if Thomas was included. As a result, Thomas was left out, with Jazz guard Stockton taking his place.