6 types of people who can watch NBA without tickets

1. NBA Game Coverage: Photographers and reporters capture game moments, write articles, and publish them on websites and newspapers. They cover the game without needing tickets.

2. Support Staff: Floor cleaners and assistant personnel wipe the floor and provide refreshments to players. They do not require tickets and can watch the game for free.

3. Live Commentators and Analysts: Commentators and analysts analyze team tactics and player statistics and keep fans updated. They are invited to provide commentary, so they don't need tickets.

4. Cheerleaders: NBA teams have cheerleaders who perform during halftime, adding visual enjoyment to the game. They do not need tickets to watch.

5. Retired Players: Former players returning to watch a game generate excitement among fans and players. They are often invited to important events and can watch without tickets.

6. Special Fan: Delaney, a player for the Hawks, has a brother who lost his memory after being shot. The team reserved a seat for him at home games so he could watch for free, in the hopes of helping him regain his memory.