Top 5 NBA Players with Physical Disabilities

5. Yao Ming: The first Chinese player in the NBA faced challenges. At 9 years old, he lost 60% hearing in his left ear. Yao Ming tilts his body to communicate and conduct interviews.

4. Gerald Green: Known as the "nine-fingered dunk king," Green is missing a finger. When he was young, he impaled his finger and had to amputate a section. With hard work and jumping ability, Green made it to the NBA.

3. Tracy McGrady: Despite congenital scoliosis, McGrady won two scoring titles and had a legendary 35 seconds and 13 points move.

2. Michael Jordan: After injuring his index finger, Jordan changed his release point and won three consecutive championships.

1. Dwyane Wade: Wade regrets removing his knee meniscus in his sophomore year. If he hadn't, he could have challenged for the second shooting guard position in NBA history.