How big is the talent gap between NBA players? See comparison chart

Leonard has two Defensive Player of the Year awards, while Butler has only made the All-Defensive Second Team. The reason for this discrepancy is Leonard's longer wingspan. 

Looking at their arm comparison, Durant's forearm is almost as long as Paul's whole arm, showcasing a significant talent gap. 

Clippers' reserve player Lou Williams looks tiny compared to Boban Marjanović. Leonard has achieved 2 championships and 2 Finals MVPs, while George has come up empty-handed, highlighting their talent gap. In addition to natural gifts like arm length and hand size, Leonard also has famous broad shoulders.

Michael Jordan's impressive muscles surpass Payton's by a significant margin, reflecting their contrasting accomplishments.

Blake Griffin's weakness, his wingspan, has caused trouble for him. When attempting to dunk over Giannis Antetokounmpo, he was easily blocked, highlighting the difference in wingspan.