SSS back muscle in NBA

Lefu's back muscles surprised many fans because they often think that he is a "weak" player who only scores three -pointers. However, his horrible back muscles proved the opposite. His figure should not be underestimated.

Tatum's determination to exercise muscles was reflected in his obvious developed back muscles. He became a perfect inverted triangle, and the muscles on the shoulders were clearly visible. His diamond -shaped trapezius was impressive.

LeBron James is usually called extraordinary body, and has achieved outstanding achievements in almost every muscle group, including his back muscles. His back muscles are balanced and full, which is impressive when tight training.

Former NBA center Demot Howard is famous for his obvious developed back muscles. Each muscle group is very strong and developed, making him look like a bodybuilder.

Ben Simmons may look thin because he has no game a year, but as the first show, his back muscles are shocking. In a training photo, his back muscles can be comparable to most NBA players, making 99%of the audience feel irresistible.